Our Special Dishes

Speaking of the seafood available at our area , the baani Cottage ,you simply can not ignore our oneof- a kind fine dining experience. Each of the dishes is prepared from special and traditional recipes with complete love & care. We know the real cannotitation of fine dining. Therefore, our team of highly talented cook leaves no stone unturned in belting out the most palatable delicious with their special touch in each of them.

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Prawn Malai Curry

Prawn curry with soothing flavours of coconut milk, cinnamon, fresh ginger and yogurt is a celebration for your senses.

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Barbecue,an outdoor meal, usually a form of social entertainment, at which meats fish or fowl, along with vegetables,are roasted over a wood or charcoal fine.

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Pamplet Masala Curry

Pamplet fish curry is delicious in taste. The curry tastes different as the pomfret (butterfish) adds it’s own flavour.